What is velvet ribbon?


2019 popular velvet ribbon

1. What is velvet ribbon?

The velvet ribbon has fluff, which is mostly composed of special warp yarns. Since the fluff is parallel and tidy, it exhibits the unique luster of velvet. Velvet belt texture is very good. No hair removal, environmental protection, bright color and compact structure

velvet ribbon

2. Application of velvet ribbon

Velvet ribbon is widely used in clothing, home textiles, bags, shoes and hats, gifts, automobiles, medical appliances and other fields.

polular velvet ribbon

3. Different types of velvet ribbon

The velvet ribbon is divided into ordinary velvet ribbon, silver velvet ribbon, gold velvet ribbon, jumper velvet ribbon, gradual velvet ribbon, elastic velvet ribbon, middle velvet ribbon and so on.

Application of velvet ribbon

velvet ribbon

4. Process analysis of velvet ribbon

Common velvet yarn

The yarn used in the velvet ribbon is:

1. nylon yarn

2.70D half light


4.100D has light

Used in the production of velvet ribbon to make wool yarn, the effect of dyeing and suede in velvet ribbon is very good.

5. Common sizes of velvet ribbon

polular velvet ribbon

6. Packaging method of velvet ribbon

5yards,25yards,50yards ,100yards or 200yards/roll

Application of velvet ribbon

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